Just Coco is wearing a white shirt from Zara, floral dress from Dresslux and the bag is from Michael Kors

GCSE Graphic Products: Coursework (2010) CAD, printing onto card and paper, CD case size: 5.5” x 5.0”, CAD: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Google SketchUp
This is my GCSE graphic products coursework. I was required to make promotional material for a band, and ended up creating a poster (not shown) and a CD case. I took the project from a moodboard and initial design ideas (sketches), to the finished physical product. I created everything myself: the nets for the product, the designs for the actual products, and the physical construction of the CD case.
The CD case consists of many parts made out of card and paper. I chose to use card and paper rather than the typical plastic in order to make my design more environmentally friendly. The outer box (net shown) is simply that - a box. The inside slides out, with slits holding the CD and CD booklet in place. The CD booklet is stitched together with thread, rather than stapled, to make the design more environmentally friendly. The CD is placed inside a sleeve, which serves to protect it from damage.

Walt Disney’s touching tribute to Robin Williams. You brought so much happiness and laughter to so many, you will be sorely missed. 
Rest in peace Robin, you are free

Add a little humanity to your commercialism: Project Gregory outfits grid-connected billboards with everything a person might need to survive.
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Wear Your Favorite Literary Classics With These Book Brooches

LOOK WHAT’S COMING TO WORLD MAKER FAIRE - Hand-painted, utilitarian, durable, individualized. Belle Helmets have as much character as the cyclists who don them.
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Can These Simple Animations Help Redesign Education?

Born to Learn is a collection of animated short films aimed at changing attitudes about how we mold young minds.

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Sticker set makes circuit building as easy as paper collage
Regular readers of Springwise may remember Circuit Scribe, the pen that uses conductive ink to enable users to simply draw working circuits on paper. Now Singapore’s Circuit Stickers is also enabling on-the-fly electronic inventions, providing users with a set of adhesive modular components and connectors that can be attached to almost any surface. READ MORE…


Build your own Lego microscope

LegoScope is a DIY microscope made out of legos, lenses and a few custom-made pieces. The UCSF grad students behind the project spoke with Synapse about the ways in which LegoScope can demystify microscopy and science education:

How can LegoScope help students learn?

Reid Williams: It’s not what you’re teaching, but how are you teaching.  What’s really interesting for us, and what we’ve heard from teachers, is that there’s an advantage in a very hands-on, process-oriented fashion.  The underlying need that we’re working towards is learning something by putting together a tool rather than watching someone lecture.

If you are teaching the fifth to eighth grades, LegoScope can help incorporate a more intuitive feel for optics, or just for building and systems-thinking in general.  Students would take away more than microscopy and optics, but also the more intangible aspects, like an intuitive understanding of how light behaves.  It can be a very powerful exercise.  

Harrison Liu: A microscope is seen almost like a “black box,” yet we can take it apart and see how it works with LegoScope.  When you build something, then you can take ownership of it, you really learn it well.  You have to learn what each part does.  It’s different from normal teaching.  


The Help Desk uses a stencil to put essential school supplies in the hands of poor school children in India.
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